Fee Schedule
Fee Guideline

  • Insurance Purpose Appraisal, starts at $95.00*
  • each additional item, starts at $65.00

Consultation, 1/2 hour $75.00
Follow up Appraisal from consultation, start at $50.00
Updates, start at $50.00

Other appraisal purposes, $300.00 per hour
Check, Cash, Mastercard or Visa

*Fee structure is based on the time it takes for proper evaluation and research.

*Period jewelry e.g. Georgian thru Retro, are not readily found in just any jewelry store, Starting at $125.00

*Signed pieces e.g. Tiffany, Cartier etc...
Starting at $125.00

*Diamond Necklace-tennis style, Starting at $200.00

*Single Diamond within a simple mounting
up to 1.49 carats - $95.00
1.50 to 1.99 carats - $125.00
2.00 carat+ $150.00
3.00 carat+ $175.00
4.00 carat+ $225.00
5.00 carat and over, starting at $250.00
*D color and VVS-1 or above 20% Surcharge

Diamond Stud Earrings
up to 1.99 carat total weight $95.00
*2.00 carat+ total weight, starting at $150.00

On-Site (your home or office) 2-1/2 hour minimum @ $200.00 per hour.
Travel time expenses will be billed for a location greater than 25 miles from Studio City office.

  • Any additional fees associated with authentication, lab reports, opinions of outside source, will be added directly to the charges.
  • Payment will be required prior to release of report.
  • The research time is usually at least equal to the inspection time.
The above fee schedule is valid thru 2018.

Confidential consultant, expert witness, and/or appraisal review: Please inquire